Who Is Our Logo For?


Our logo is designed for food products that support the Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle and are chemical free. We aim to empower these producers by using our logo to distinguish the Healthy qualities of their products, especially creating awareness to consumers alerting them to the danger of becoming unhealthy by their food choices, in a more competitive way.

The ‘LCHF Foods’ Logo is designed for Australian producers that follow the Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle with their products and meet all its requirements. 

For example; these can be products from the LCHF recommended food groups such as Vegetables, Eggs, Dairy Products, Nuts, see more on the examples of suitable LCHF logo products below.

We support where possible, shopping locally to avoid unnecessary food mileage. Choosing 'Certified Organic' and 'GMO Free' over chemically treated/possible GM produce, 'Free-Range' over barn/shed/factory raised/factory farmed, 'Pasture Raised' meats over feed lot meats, and '100% Grass Fed' over grain fed beef (cows are not designed to eat grain and are often fattened up in the last weeks of their lives in feed lots (making them only 90% grass fed). We care about the welfare of our animals and believe in protecting our health, theirs and also the environment we live in.

The following are examples of the differnet types of industry categories and food groups who's producers should display our logo:

LCHF Lifestyle FOODS

Organic / Grass Fed / Pasture Raised Meat



Wild caught Fish / Shellfish from Pristine Waters

Farmers Market

Organic Eggs

Natural Fat / Oils / High Fat Sauces

Organic Vegetables (Grown above ground)

Organic Dairy Products

Organic Nuts

Restaurant and Cafes

eg. display on menus

LCHF Doctors / Dieticians / Nutritionists / Consultants

Pet Food Manufacturer

Personal Trainers / Fitness


Organic Berries (Fruits)

Ethical Dark Chocolate (70% Cocoa +)

Ethical Coffee / Tea

Organic Herbs / Spices

Why Should I Display The Logo?


There are more and more unhealthy products that are becoming available on the market everyday which may come from a company that is jumping on the band wagon for the latest marketing trend or it's even just unclear whether they are regulated or not. This makes it extremely hard and confusing for the public to make an educated choice. Which is all the more reason to create awareness by displaying one universal logo such as the 'LCHF Foods' Trade Mark on your product to point the public towards products which are clearly advertising that they follow the Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle, in Australia, guaranteeing the product has been investigated by a third party.


You are not only supporting public health, but also protecting it for future generations by creating awareness.


Consumers demand ethical labelling of products and for all products to be clearly labelled to enable them to make a clearer choice.



It's a real Time Saver! By displaying the Logo, consumers will appreciate the time you are saving them whilst making their shopping choices. We've collectively provided them with an easy guide for making timely shopping decisions.