The Logo


The "LCHF Foods" logo is a Trade Mark registered with the Federal Government and was created with a strong meaning and purpose

The logo LCHF is an acronym for 'Low Carbohydrate High Fat' and the inclusion of the word 'foods' is to help create awareness of LCHF and also represent all the food products that qualify under the category of this type of lifestyle.


The positioning of the “LC” at a lower level and the “HF” at the higher level relates to the importance of the low and high levels.


The white lines on the 'L' and the 'H' further emphasise levels and the importance of following these as a part of this lifestyle. The bold Black bars and shapes show the simplicity and clarity of following this lifestyle and give a clear black and white message to everyone as well as helping the logo stand out and make it easily distinguishable when displayed on all different sizes of packaging and labels.


The lines further represent the idea of motion, moving up and down, making a change; encouraging a monitored lifestyle change in the right direction.


The Bold outline of the Heart encompasses the benefit of the lifestyle in bringing a healthy beating heart to the participant. It also gives an emotive loving feeling to the overall logo that explains the intention of this lifestyle.


The overall logo was designed to be very clear and extremely easy to identify especially when scaled down to fit on smaller labels. It is tested and still provides a quick and easily recognisable symbol.