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We are proud to launch LCHF Foods, an online community licensing the use of our Trade Mark 'LCHF Foods' for Low Carbohydrate, High Fat content, supporting Products.

We aim to create awareness alongside our supporting Low Carb High Fat doctors, helping and educating consumers to make a healthy lifestyle choice to buy Low Carb High Fat products and stand out from the numerous unhealthy eating choices out there.

Due to growing public concerns about food health, the diabetes epidemic and high sugar content, there has been an increased demand on how to distinguish between products, clearer, more ethical labelling and overall better awareness as to products that fall into this low carb high fat healthy lifestyle category.

We believe in making it very easy, clear and visually appealing for consumers to quickly identify products that are Low Carbohydrate as well as High Fat and also promote producers who have products that support this healthy lifestyle with a bold and visually powerful logo.

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